If you’re an ASU student, feel free to join us for our weekly Wednesday meetings at 6 pm!

OR, apply to be on a Project Team!


We need YOUR bright perspective- so please, join TODAY!  Our application closes on January 28th.


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  • Fill out our application

  • Include portfolio (if available) 

  • Include resume

  • Wait :)

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  • You will receive an email to inform you on where you’re at in the interview process: if you didn’t move forward, please- don’t be discouraged! 

  • Set up an interview with our Executive Board (in-person or Zoom on weekends)

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  • Member decisions are HARD- please be patient and you will receive an email hearing back

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  • If you get accepted, CONGRATULATIONS, please read the entire email about next steps for your first meeting.

  • If you did NOT get accepted, NO WORRIES, come to our open meetings and try again next semester!

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