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more than just a shot
brand campaign


During the fall of 2021, COVID numbers were on the rise and the flu was right around the corner. The Arizona Department of Health Safety’s goal is to encourage dialogue regarding influenza vaccines and promote annual flu shots for college students.


Of U.S. college students aged 18-24, 70% believe it’s important to get a flu shot, but only 46% get vaccinated annually (CDC)


Our team discovered that there is a lack of knowledge regarding flu shots with barriers. College students value convenience, and they see getting a flu shot as a hassle, but they deeply care about others, social issues, and making a positive impact.

creative development:

The campaign was focused on simple messaging with colorful and fun imagery, to appeal to our target audience. Our tagline “More than Just a Shot” revolves back to our pain point: play your part and take the first step toward protecting your community. Your flu shot protects beyond just you. 


Gaby Swanton, Evan Tondera, Rian Singleton, Hallie Hoan, William Simmons, Nicole Bohney, Daniel Gomez

agency partner: OH Partners


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