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Tucson Airport Authority (TAA) is the operating body of the Tucson International Airport (TIA) and Ryan Airfield (RYN), a general aviation airport. While most airports are governed by a municipality and managed by  an elected or appointed official, TAA was founded in 1948 by a group of 15 business owners. TAA operates as a non-profit and has a long-term lease of 8,282 acres from the City of Tucson.


Tucson International Airport is one of the few community-founded and run airports in the country. Our agency partner, LaneTerralever, tasked our team with the challenge of developing a compelling campaign to increase the number of travelers and earn passenger loyalty amongst Tucson taxpayers and those traveling throughout the Southern Arizona city.



The team at LaneTerralever conducted extensive research to discover why TUS isn’t a top consideration and found the amount of direct flights, perception of higher trip costs, and the lack of awareness around what TUS provides to not only travelers but the community holds Tucson International Airport back from being selected for air travel. 



Get Tucson taxpayers and the Tucson traveling public to fly out of Tucson International Airport over other competitors by establishing TUS as more than an airport and as a powerful pillar of Southern Arizona that drives progress beyond connection.


creative development:

We strategized to create a brand concept to raise awareness about how Tucson International Airport is more than an airport creating an unparalleled experience and how the TAA fosters economic development for the Southern Arizona community. 


Our team developed copy to highlight the growing achievements of Tucson International Airport such as contributing $7.4 billion to the local economy, $2.3 billion in wages, and 43,000 jobs. 


Our team developed creative assets that captured the beauty of the Southern Arizona skyline from the perspective of a frequent flyer. The colors used to create the landscape are directly found in the TUS brand guidelines, directly relating to the colors that already represent the brand.



Michael Kittilson, Julia Goldhirsch, Allison Femiano, Joshua Laulom, Zachary Linton, Harrison Sharp, Hannah Samonte


agency partner: 


*This project was provided by LaneTerralever for the purposes of learning and experience and was not the final campaign utilized by the client.


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