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adworks rebrand


All adworks members decided to go through a rebrand in the 2021 Spring semester. The student-run ad agency has not had a new logo or branding since the organization was founded in 2013. We developed different logo concepts and worked together to redefine the values, tagline, and future of adworks.


Our team needed internal brand guidelines. With multiple fonts, shades of greens, and no written guidelines, our team decided to first create an internal brand guidelines book. In the process of starting to create the guidelines, the idea of an adworks rebrand was born.


Members submitted three words that best described adworks. The most popular words were creativity, learning, teamwork, and inclusivity. These are now the values of adworks and we wanted our new logo to encompass each of these values.

creative development:

Our team went through the process of studying past rebrands and worked together to redevelop our tagline, "the future of advertising." Members voted on a variety of logos developed by our very own adworks designers. We ultimately landed on our current logo created by Art Director, William Simmons. Throughout the summer of 2021, adworks members worked together to create a brand guidelines book for years to come, a new website, and social media content.


Jordan Alperin, Ashlynn Caporaso, Allison Femiano, Lauren Hales, Hallie Hoan, Zachary Linton, Shayla Mortel, Elena Ritchey, Hannah Samonte, Hallie Santos, William Simmons, Becca Spindler, Danielle Zanon

click the image above to view the brand book

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