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super bowl fanfest
social media campaign


Promote the Phoenix Convention Center by creating a campaign to celebrate Super Bowl 2023 in Downtown Phoenix, specifically the venues around the convention center. The Super Bowl 2023 campaign will include all the cities in the valley and how they can join together to create a great fan event surrounding the Phoenix Convention Center.



Generate creative solutions that the Phoenix Convention Center can implement to engage with multiple audiences including sports fans in Phoenix, sports fans who will travel for the game, families, the general population, and college students. 



The Super Bowl is one of the most financially beneficial events a city can have. Fans travel from across the country to attend the fan festivals, the game, and experience the city. With each Super Bowl there are two main fan events: Super Bowl Live and the NFL Experience. Both usually stretch over blocks of city streets, and are held the week leading up to the game. Experiences include: food, live music, games, interactive experiences, free and paid events, tailgates and more!


creative development:

We aimed to highlight the Phoenix Convention Center venues, unique aspects that make Arizona desirable, and provide fun, interactive activities for all ages. Our approach revolved around three key words: entertaining, enjoyable, and easily accessible. 


Our team developed event concepts for each venue that appeal to our diverse audience by segment. We created a logo specifically related to the Phoenix Convention Center and the Super Bowl, mock-ups of OOH advertisements, and promotional materials. We developed what each event would include: activities, price point (if applicable), merchandise, location, etc. By creating events that appeal to each segment in our audience and as a collective group, we were able to include something for everyone at the festival. 



Julia Reinert, Kayla Nuñez, Ciara Cooper, Kylie Chang, Mohini Soor, Jack Hipschman


agency partner:

OH Partners

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